Quais de Siene

-Quais de Siene-

François: You have beautiful hair, why do you have to cover it up?
Zarka: I don’t have to. I choose to.
François: Too bad cause you’re so pretty.
Zarka: You mean I’m not beautiful without my hijab?
François: That’s not what I meant.
Zarka: You and your friends don’t know shit about women. Why talk to them like that when you can see they don’t like it? If I want to look beautiful I do it for me. When I wear this I feel part of a faith, an identity. I feel good. That’s what beauty is. Tell that to your friends then maybe one day, they might even get laid.

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Master of Design // HERBERT MATTER

Swiss born Herbert Matter is largely credited with expanding the use of photography as a design tool and bringing the semantics of fine art into the realm of applied arts.

Herbert Matter, Swiss photographer and graphic designer, is the author of the most emblematic modern Swiss photographic posters. In 1936 Herbert Matter emigrated to the US, where he worked as a photographer for Vogue and Harper’s Baazar. During the second world war he was commissioned by the US government to design propaganda posters. In 1944, he became the design consultant at Knoll, molding its graphic identity for over 12 years. In 1952, he joined the Yale faculty as professor of photography and graphic design.

known for his pioneering use of photomontage in commercial art.

I just learn about Herbert Matter. His photomontage approach inspires me to use it in my design works. Perhaps after the movie is being release, I will try to arrange with my fellow mates to have a movie hour at our Faculty theaterette. Maybe watching this kind of movie can be our weekly activity for the next semester. who knows? huhu.

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Herb & Dorothy

About The Film

You don’t have to be a Medici or a Rockefeller to collect art, according to Herbert and Dorothy Vogel. This documentary film tells the extraordinary story of Herb, a postal clerk, and Dorothy, a librarian – an ordinary couple of modest means who managed to build one of the most important contemporary art collections in history.

In the early 1960s, when very little attention was paid to Minimalist and Conceptual Art, Herb and Dorothy quietly began purchasing the works of unknown artists. Thirty years on, the Vogels managed to accumulate over 4,000 pieces, filling every corner of their living space from the bathroom to the kitchen. Their apartment was near collapse, holding way over its limit. Something had to be done.

In 1992, the Vogels made headlines that shocked the art world: their entire collection was moved to the National Gallery of Art, the vast majority of it as an outright gift to the institution. Many of the works they acquired at modest prices appreciated so significantly that their collection became worth several million dollars, yet the Vogels never sold a single piece to breakdown the collection.

The Vogels’ discerning taste and magnanimity changed the face of contemporary art collecting. In 2007, James Stourton, the chairman of Sotheby’s UK, included the Vogels in his acclaimed book, Great Collectors of Our Time: Art Collecting Since 1945. Stourton placed Herb and Dorothy among the top art collectors in the world, alongside Getty, Rockefeller and Mellon.

While there are countless films that feature artists, there are few about art collectors. Herb and Dorothy provides a unique chronicle of the world of contemporary art from two unlikely collectors, whose shared passion and discipline defies stereotypes and redefines what it means to be a patron of the arts.

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Shortfilm asgt : The Missing Piece


For Computer Aided Design subject this semester, we had to form a group for shortfilm assignment. Started from several research I then develop it to thumbnails  and my group member Zacheus drew the sketches.


After a few consultation  with En.Aziz Zalay-the lecturer, he was kindly enough to share his  ideas on how to improve our thumbnails before starting the shortfilm shooting.set3

Thanks to my Pakcu for letting us to use the house as one of our shooting location. And thanks too Angah for  the  Kuey Tiow! =). Back to reality – editing in progress ( After Effects / Adobe Premiere / what ever )

252.Sweet Napoleon Dynomite. haha

Don: Hey, Napoleon. What did you do last summer again?
Napoleon Dynamite: I told you! I spent it with my uncle in Alaska hunting wolverines!
Don: Did you shoot any?
Napoleon Dynamite: Yes, like 50 of ’em! They kept trying to attack my cousins, what the heck would you do in a situation like that?
Don: What kind of gun did you use?
Napoleon Dynamite: A freakin’ 12-gauge, what do you think?

244.That ain’t etch a sketch, homeskillet

uuuuuuuu….. it’s a BRILLIANT movie I ever watched other than Amelie!! Am totally happy to have a chance to watch JUNO. Last post when I wrote a review about Juno actually I don’t watch it yet. huhu.. I just felt so touched only to see the trailer. yeeesshhh. and after watching this for myself I am a proud owner of this film. huhu. I was touched to see Jennifer Garner’s of saying that she is born to be a mom. The nerdness of Bleeker is just soo soo sweet and I am happy to know Juno is after all feeling the way as he did. yeay…

You know, the excitement feels of being a mom is naturally comes from ourself as a women. Wether we realize it or not it comes ..just naturally. And I myself starting to feel that way. ( am I ? ) Yes, 104% sure. huhu. Ellen Page is very cute and a natural talented actress in Juno. I wish I am as stronger as Juno in terms of delivering the baby. hihi. Owh the poster is daymn brilliant!

Visit Juno myspace here and enjoy sending mixtape of Juno’s OST here. weeeee. You better watch this movie and share the beautiful of this movie with me. please. 😉

“I’m sticking with you, cuz I’m made out of glue”

I’m a big no-no to gory / horror movies. Please avoid them. Just stick to this kinda films like Juno because it can makes you happy  and smile rather than feeling scared if you’re watching some kind of movie like ‘Apocalypto’ – accidentally watched. huhu. Yes I’m a coward kinda lady. 😉

189.Anyone else but you…

I love this kind of movies that always make me smile at the end of it 🙂

We both have shiny happy fits of rage,
I want more fans, you want more stage,
Don’t see what anyone can see,
In anyone else,
But you

I’m always tryin to keep it real,
Now I’m in love with how you feel,
I don’t see what anyone can see,
In anyone else,
But you