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One of my fav band. Better than Ezra! Love the new CD cover. love love love!

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Buletin Board – You can simply slide your important notes and needs right inside the multilevel layers. No more poking holes with pushpins – just drop in and enjoy.via uncommon goods

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2009 Open Architecture Challenge: Classroom

Inviting you to design the classroom of the future together.

This is an exciting program for us to rethink about the effectiveness of  nowadays-school-classrooms. I think Malaysia should participate this challenge to rebuild a distinctive kind of classroom appearance for our future generations. I think every parents want the best for their children and this is part of it. This idea is useful for those who are thinking of doing a thesis-I guess ( because I’m not coming to that part yet-soon!! )huhu… But after all, this program will increase the tendency for the school children to get active in their classroom and making them more cheerful through the day. 😉


We are inviting you, teachers, students, architects and designers, to work together to design the classroom of the future for a school of your choosing. Your design should address the unique challenges your school faces in trying to provide smart, safe and sustainable learning spaces. Students and teachers, here’s your chance to tell the world what you need to make your classroom more effective. Architects and designers, you’ll work one-on-one with students to translate those needs into better classroom design.

  • Share your design expertise and inspire school students to re-imagine their classroom
  • Help students learn about the built environment using a companion design curriculum
  • Become an advocate for better classroom design in your community

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