Taken on the  last February. On my way to Felda Hotspring. Beautiful clouds and perspective isn’t it? 🙂


lil chibbi in wonderland

Mini photoshoot I did last 2 months I guess for my final advertising assignment. This are the teasers for the campaign ( Exclusive Breastfeeding campaign ). Did the shooting at Taman Tasek Perdana, KL

My fav lil’ chibbi always there for me. Thank you adik. Cecima lebiu dear chibbi.

64 things that makes me smile!

I  typed 10things that make me smile, and voila here it was , the internet gave me 100! How lucky I am today 😉 huhu..
So I copied all 100 and minus all those which not so similar to my personality and added few from my own deep thinking..There you are , my 64 kind of things that will and makes me smile.  Enjoy and start this counting with a smile!
  1. little smiling children. especially my chibbi!
  2. long walks. along the beach . in a park
  3. big hugs.
  4. happy music.
  6. photographs.
  7. memories.
  8. rain drops
  9. the ocean.
  10. furry animals.
  11. taking pictures.
  12. singing.
  13. happy endings.
  14. old people.
  15. trees.
  16. a good conversation.
  17. pretending.
  18. going away.
  19. water.
  20. embarrasing moments.
  21. vintage antiques.
  22. sweet dreams.
  23. tea
  24. adventures.
  25. i love yous.
  26. knowledge.
  27. simplicity.
  28. meeting someone new.
  29. inspiring others.
  30. happy tears.
  31. things that sparkle.
  32. reunions.
  33. laughing babies.
  34. good outcomes.
  35. optimism.
  36. new chapters in life.
  37. being held tight.
  38. unplanned explorations.
  39. acoustic songs.
  40. change.
  41. art.
  42. unusual objects.
  43. a first kiss.
  44. watching strangers.
  45. running.
  46. imagination.
  47. best friend.
  48. curly hair.
  49. writing.
  50. my mom.
  51. exceeded expectations.
  52. surprises.
  53. tire swings.
  54. my complicated old man
  55. dancing.
  56. doing things because i can.
  57. dressing up.
  58. having fun.
  59. blue clouds
  60. books
  61. fabrics
  62. being crafty!
  63. my own version of mini-me
  64. dear miracle! 😉

Photoshoot at Tanjung Malim

Shoot this for my dear friend, Fazila last 3 months I guess. The location was just at Tanjung Malim area and UPSI. We had fun snapping pics for her. Mizi also accompanied me at that time for back up. Did this for fun and I truly enjoyed the moment before my best friend got married. 😉