Final Project

In- Collaboration with Majlis Daerah Tanjung Malim for the Tanjung Malim : Zon Bersih + Sihat campaign. All images was taken by me, myself.

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Morning @ hush hush


It’s been a while since I left this blog unattended.. Lotsa new things to be update here. But this is the only image to be shared today and more stuff will be update soon.

Actually the design above I made for my little sister-  Form 6 society. This is part of my freelance job during free time. If anybody wish to design tees, please contact me okay =)


Alhamdulillah the event finally went well eventho’ there’s still minor defect on that day but after all we managed to overcome all problems occured. It’s a memorable evening when Tan Sri Abi Musa Asaari came to  launch the photography exhibition. This is the first time he gave a speech in UPSI since he had been selected as the Chairman ( Board of directors ) of  UPSI. We received lotsa positive feedbacks from the visitors, VIPs and lecturers who kindly enough to spend their precious time to drop by for our humble event that day ( 29th October ).



You can see how trembled I was to give my speech cuz this is the first time I had the opportunity to be the Project Manager of the event. FYI, other than the photography exhibition, the main part of the event was the soft-launching of the 7 visual exploration books compiled and designed by us. I’m one of the editor that responsible for the Royal Belum Visual Exploration book which we went last August. It was an exciting trip and am honored to contibute a little for Royal Belum.



The beautiful lady in blue scarf is our beloved ‘Ibu Kandung’ – Vice Chancellor of UPSI, Prof. Dato’ Dr. Aminah. She is our role-model, a very tough woman and I salute her for everything that she did for UPSI. =)


Alhamdulillah everything are under HIS blessed on that day and me with other team mates wanna wish lotsa THANKS for everyone that also contributing and gave full co-op for this event. Also thanks ( lotsa thanks ) to En. Azlan ( lecturer in charge ) and En. Hafiz ( Tutor in charge ) who always be on our side to make sure everything are already under schedule. To all VISCOM mates, UKP buddies, Advert I members and others that contributes, I salute you!

all photos credit to Miedzuka n Baim.Tenkiu!

Company profile's cover

This is the cover of the Seantero company profile that I designed last semester holiday. Seantero sdn.bhd is a landscape company that cater for any landscape works around KL and other parts of Malaysia.

“Seantero Landscape offers a complete range of professional landscape all services discipline namely, LANDSCAPE CONSULTATION SERVICES, LANDSCAPE CONSTRUCTION AND LANDSCAPE MAINTENANCE”

Feel free to contact them for your landscaping needs this coming Eid!

B-10-4 Block B Megan Avenue 1,
189, Jalan Tun Razak,
50400 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel: 03-21668030 Fax: 03-21647069.

CD packaging – Local artist

For this final project for Printing & Technology subject, I chose Atilia ( Nu-jazz/ R&B singer) for me to re-design her CD packaging. It’s a kind of slide in packaging where the booklet is situated on top of the CD slide. The concept taken is from a make-up packaging and feminine style where it is synonym with the beautiful character of Atilia. I made the box all by myself from the scratch. Pretty difficult to build it but after all I made it!

Already submitted this assignment and hoping that the marks will be as what I dream for. hihi.. Thanks kak Atilia for replying my msg at FB. And also thanks to your photographer – En. Halimi Saidi for giving me one of your image to be used in this project. Congrats to her for have won the best vid music award in AIM! You guys should buy her album. Very soothing especially Sangkar~

Her website –

Owh, the first picture above has been cut out a lil’ on top. in case you think it’s a bit odd. huhu =)

Vector attempt

ngee.. I know..I know ..this is so not a good vector. I did this last 2 years and the above kid is my cousin -Ebi. Vector is not that difficult but you have to have sharp eyes and patience or perhaps passion. huhu. This is the come out when you ( or is that me? hihi ) din’t have enough PATIENCE. But it’s a fun stuff to do because the moment when you finish the artwork you’ll feel the infinity of excitement when seeing your work. Try it!

Other vector artworks by my friend – aneem ( kudos to aneem..yeay!)