Saya mahu buku2 ni!

Just now I attended my copywriting class and my dear lecturer asked if anybody have any books to order for copywriting collections in our uni. library. So here’s mine to suggest.

The Advertising Concept Book is designed primarily for students (and teachers) and provides a well-structured and complete course on advertising, including several exercises that students can try. The book works through the entire process from basic tools, to strategy and campaign executions across all media – print, TV, ambient, interactive, radio and integrated campaigns.

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Caffeine for the Creative Mind, 250 Exercises to Wake Up Your Brain

For any designer or creative type who wants to quickly limber up their imagination on a daily basis, Caffeine for the Creative Mind helps readers get into the creative zone, from which all their best work springs. Packed with 15-minute simple and conceptual exercises, this guide will have readers reaching for markers, pencils, digital cameras, and more in order to develop a working and productive creative mindset.

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218.Book : Home Inspirations

Another book borrowed from the library – Home Inspirations by Deborah Barker. Below are few interesting stuff that I’m keen to do someday for references. Clockwise from left : Voile Striped curtains, Fish fridge magnets, Ribbon cafe curtain, Daisy-cobered console, Beaded cushion trims.

202.Books – How to talk to children about art

This book is great because we can learn on how to explain to the younger ones about the meaning of the greatest painting and we also can develop our skill in intepreting the drawing ourself. For an example I will retype the explanation of the drawing below titled – The birth of the venus.

Painted in 1485 ; tempera on canvas; 184.5 x 285.5cm / Ufizi Gallery, Florence / Botticelli (Sandro Mariano Filipepi, known as Botticelli) / Born in Florence, 1445, died in Florence 1510.

The book has 3 diferent level of explanation depending on the kid’s age. The first one is for 5-7 yrs old kid :

She’s completely naked!

Of course she is- she’s just been born. The young woman next to her is about to help her get dressed. This is an unusual irth because it’s the birth of the goddes. According to legend Venus was already an adult when she was born.

Where are her parents?

They’re on th epicture, but not in the form of people. Venus’s parents are said to have been the sea and the sky. So she has just emerged from the sea, and the wind is making little foam-topped waves on the surface of the water.

8-10 yrs old

Why is the goddes standing on only one leg?

This pose is called contrapposto. It gives a supple and flattering line that is much more elegant than if the model standing upright with both feet on the ground. It was used in many ancient sculptures, and painters have often been inspired by it. Even today models in fashion shows and in publicity photographs stand like this, with their weight on the hip.

11-13 yrs old

Is this painting very famous?

Yes, it’s one of the most famous painting in the history of art. It celebrates a fundamental idea, the appearance of beauty on the earth. But the painting means so much more than just the meaning conveyed by the paticular subjects; it is a homage to grace rendered in shapes so simple it gives the impression that everything is easy. It flows like a melody. Previously the only woman’s body artists painted was that of Eve, in scenes where she is tempted by the serpent or expelled from Eden for disobeying God. Her nudity was associated with the shame of original sin. Here, for the first time, the opposite is tru. Venus is luminous. and the image is full of her vitality. Boticelli invites us to consider the harmony of the mind and the body.

For you dear teachers

I borrowed 4 books today from the library and eventhough it’s heavy to carry but I’m really happy to find those books and this is one of them. I was thinking to redraw the first comic and give it to my beloved mom!

I guess below is my phrase for today’s Speaking skills class. duh~